Ferentillo and Sorroundings

Holiday house in Umbria

The wonders of Valnerina in the Pucci Country House. The Marmore Waterfalls, Scheggino and the Piediluco Lake.

is a wonderful medieval town with two castles built during the 14th century, named Precetto and Matterella, and part of the ancient defensive walls. Inside them there is the church of S. Stefano, built during the 14th century and whose crypt contains some mummified remains, the Mummies of Ferentillo. 4 kilometers from Ferentillo you can visit the S. Pietro in Valle Abbey, built during the 8th century and very important from an artistic, architectonical and historical point of view.

Not far from it, inside an abandoned village that is considered the oldest in Umbria, there is the Castle of Umbriano, built as a bulwark for the abbey. Ferentillo is only a few kilometers away from the Marmore Waterfalls, the Sibillini Mountains, and the towns of Spoleto, Norcia, Cascia, Spello and Todi. That's the reason why it's the ideal place from where you can visit all the most wonderful places in Umbria. In the immediate surroundings, you can try a lot of different sports, from free climbing to trekking, from walking to rafting, horse riding, mountain biking and many more.

cascata delle marmore The Marmore Waterfalls
The Marmore Waterfalls, known through the centuries for their beauty, look like a thunderous column of water on three different drops. They shroud their surroundings in a white foam cloud and cover a difference in height of 165 meters, the highest in Europe. They have been declared property of humanity and are only a few minutes away from our structure. www.marmorefalls.it
schegginoScheggino and the Activo Park

15 minutes north of Ferentillo there is the wonderful village of Scheggino, on the Nera river. It is possible to enjoy an afternoon of sport fishing thanks to the trout breeding, or an adventure (with children or adults only) in the Activo Park, the biggest outdoor park in Italy.

lago di piediluco
Piediluco Lake

  Among the green hills of Umbria, the village of Piediluco lays on the lake shore. Above the village are the remains of a medieval fortress. The lake offers many rowing competitions and many champions were part of its rowing circle, among them the popular Abbagnale brothers.

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